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AIWIS Global lets you access a globalized database of customer information collected by AIWIS installations all over the world.

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When you upgrade, your AIWIS will be able to deliver personalised messages to your visitors, even if they found you through organic Google search and have never been to your site before.

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upgrade AIWIS and you are no longer limited to personalized engagement with people you’ve already connected with, instead you are connected to a globalized network of users, and their data.

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… there’s nothing more for you to do to. Once AIWIS is upgraded, you’ll be able to create new fans from across the globe on complete autopilot. If they’ve been on Facebook and visited any AIWIS site anywhere you’ll be able to personalize their experience.

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by accessing our secure, centralized database, AIWIS can even personalize the experience of organic traffic reaching your site, supercharging your SEO, and making every page visit count.

Massively enhanced engagement…

just imagine the impression you’ll make when someone arrives for the first time on your site through something as simple as a Google search... and AIWIS still recognises them and greets them by name. You think you’ll have their attention? You better believe it.

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Special Features

  • Communal, Global Database integration
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  • Aiwis Interface Video Playing Capabilities integration (COMING SOON)
  • Emotion Timeline Tagging (COMING SOON)
  • Personal Branding (COMING SOON)
  • Monthly Upgrades (COMING SOON)

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