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Considering the future with Aiwis is very easy:

You’ve seen the opportunity…

You’ve seen the massive potential...

You’ve seen the quality…

You’ve experienced the engagement…

You Know This Is PERFECT For The Future…

Now, although we provide full documentation and demonstration videos for you to push forwards using Aiwis…

Wouldn’t it be even better to be able use Aiwis in the many various ways possible by having some comprehensive training by your very own Aiwis Interactive Team...?

BRING YOUR WEBSITE TO LIFE with Intuitive Marketing Automation Training!

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Being shown how to engage more, how to make the calls to actions that your business needs, how to sell using Aiwis & more!

PLUS: To have Q&A’s to help with your questions and to help focus you on your journey with Aiwis by your side.

We’re going to be covering various topics and trends, giving you great information to help you understand “Artificial intelligence” and show you the future with Aiwis.

All Sessions Will Be Recorded And Put Into A Members Area For Your Own Viewing Pleasure! Accessible 24/7

We’ll be taking you through the following:

Week 1

Advanced Training

  • The future of Aiwis & where we are headed as a collective.
  • What is artificial intelligence?
  • Understanding Aiwis.
  • How to setup Aiwis fully!
  • How to deploy Aiwis the best possible way.
  • How to configure Aiwis for the best conversions.
  • How to configure & use the inline, modal optin forms, buttons & features.

Week 2

Advanced Training

  • Profiting with Aiwis.
  • Affiliate marketing with Aiwis.
  • Visitor engagement with Aiwis.
  • Q&A.

Week 3

Advanced Training

  • Aiwis’s Calls To Actions Tactics Session.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Directional Support for visitors.
  • Q&A.

Week 4

Advanced Training

  • Building Aiwis Campaigns.
  • Building email campaigns with Aiwis.
  • Building bridges with Aiwis.
  • Profiting with Aiwis.

55% of Visitors Spend Fewer Than 15 Seconds on Your Website.

Should You Care?

According to data by Chartbeat, We’ve literally got 15 seconds to capture your attention…

Tony Haile’s data and research findings show that people aren’t reading content on the web the way we presume they actually are! And the whole measurement system might be broken. Instead of tracking article views, we should focus on viewing time and page engagement.

As a people who make a living online, it scared the heck out of us… And if you’re working online too… Whether it’s trying to make money online or you’re a millionaire marketer, You SHOULD BE!

Aiwis is here to evolve the internet… Let US help YOU!

How are you evolving the internet’s marketing future? You may ask…?

Well, here at the Aiwis headquarters we’ve been working on a method to ENGAGE, LEAD & CONVERT webpage visitors into RABID BUYERS, AVID FOLLOWERS & EVEN FRIENDS!

Allow Us To Take You By The Hand Over The Next FOUR Weeks For Only $11.75 Per Session.

We’ve one goal in mind… CONVERSIONS! Let’s level the playing field…

Gone are the times of needing to try and try and try to capture your visitors attention and engage them in a different, unique way to everyone else…

Gone are the times of struggling to keep your visitors clicking that little red “X” at the top of the web page within the first 5 to 15 seconds.

AND Gone are the times that you struggle to motivate your visitors to take any action you desire…

With Aiwis you’re about to bring Your Websites Literally To LIFE With Our Flexible new-age technologically advanced Artificial Intelligence Website Enhancement System That Can Learn All About Your Visitors And Speak To them Like A Human Being! Literally…

Your website is about to have a voice! LITERALLY!!! One that’s growing and growing in knowledge and evolving to send custom, personalized messages to your visitors…

Aiwis learns your visitors name, location, time, pages they visit and any information you choose to obtain from them.

Some by cookies, and a variety other information by what the system learns from by the user either entering their information or also from actions your website visitor does…

Aiwis Grows and learns as your visitors come and go, interacting with them to ensure the ultimate engagement

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Advanced Training

  • Week 1 Training
  • Week 2 Training
  • Week 3 Training
  • Week 4 Training


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